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25 years back

Two friends embarked on their respective architectural ventures in two separate towns: Kolhapur and Sangli. Despite their distinct design styles, they shared a common commitment to a client-centered, quality-oriented professional ethos. Their paths converged organically, akin to the blending of rolling seashore sands, leading them to form a partnership united under the banner of their firm.


Once, the prospect of reaching the financial capital seemed distant for a firm hailing from the interior regions of the state. However, relentless dedication borne fruits. The firm witnessed a steady stream of architectural, interior, and infrastructural projects coming in from all corners of Maharashtra, encompassing a wide array of endeavors, spanning from healthcare facilities to financial institutions, and from sustainable constructions to monumental highway developments. With the confidence amassed from our diverse technical expertise and unwavering support, we embarked on a bold new journey - the establishment of an office in Mumbai, The very heart of the corporate world. Now as


We stand proudly among the corporate giants, poised to redefine the architectural landscape through our boundless creativity, innovative designs, and an intrinsic connection to the natural world. Our influence has transcended borders, as we've successfully extended our reach into international markets.

Samir is a passionate architect who seamlessly blends aesthetics with economic sustainability, ensuring that the dream can be delivered.

( Managing Director )

Rafiq is a creatively intrepid and imaginative architect who is consistently looking to challenge boundaries.

( Executive Director )

Ashish, an artistic designer, sketches designs bringing his creations to life.

( Director )

Our Team


"Team Srujan SIAPL helped us to built a hospital of our dream with proper planning & management of phases of construction which gives us a huge platform to sere patients in Chiplun & other cities"

Dr. Ishaq Khatib,
Life care Hospital M.D.

"Srujan & their team of experienced consultants helped us with precise details & planning to achieve a corporate level hospital which we had in mind. Thank you team Srujan"

Dr. Arvind Soni,
Director, Jalna Critical care.

"Srujan gives us proper consultancy for well planned architecture & space planning for well equipped & infrastructure that provides complete treatments & surgeries for all."

Dr. Nathaniel Sase,
Director, Wanless Mission

"This team which invests their time to get to know their clients & learn about their design aesthetics & expectations... so its true to say this team as 'Srujan"

Dr. Padmakar Sabnis,
Director at Niramay Hospital,